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Business Visas

Are you a business owner or investor looking to apply for permanent or temporary residency in Australia? Are you interested in investing or buying property in Australia ? Are you planning to buy an existing business or starting a new business venture in Australia?

Skilled & Work Visas

Would you like to work and migrate to Australia?  Do you have a Profession, Skill or Trade with 3+ years of work experience? Over 190,000 professionals & trades people received Australian PR visas in 2013-14.

Student Visas

Are you thinking about studying in Australia? Do you need advice about courses available and what are the entry requirement? Do you have anyone below 18 years old studying in Australia? Contact us today about student visa and guardian visa application.

Family Visas

Are you living in Australia and would like to sponsor a family member into this country? It can be your spouse, child, parent, sibling, relative or even a carer. Contact us today and find out about the visa options and whether you are eligible to be a sponsor to bring your family into Australia.

Partner Visas

Are you planning to get married and bring your fiancee to live in Australia? Can you bring a partner whom you are intending to marry in the near future to live in Australia? If you are married or in a de facto relationship for more 12 months, you may be eligible to sponsor your partner into Australia. Talk to us today and find out about the different criteria to be eligible to apply for a Partner Visa.

Other Visas

There are many visas options, many reasons to travel, and many reasons to stay in Australia,  talk to us about the appropriate other visas which may allow you to come to Australia.

Welcome to GoodMan Migration

About Our Company

We care about you. Why? Because many of us were once just like you and needed a visa !  

We remember migrating to Australia ourselves.  We have empathy with our clients which is genuine and longstanding.

We like to treat everyone of our clients as a trusted associate and enjoy the friendship and ongoing relationship’s we have with individuals, families and businesses and business owners.

You are in our safe hands, we will take care of you, we can give you help with everything you need to study, invest, open a business, travel, stay or migrate to Australia Permanently.

Then we can help you find work and advise you on all aspect of gaining the right job.



You can expect us to respect you as a person from any country, background, race or religion equally. We respect everyone in all our communications, service delivery, advice and interactions. Your privacy, dignity and honour is protected by Goodman Migration.

Ethics and Honesty

The Australian government has laws which regulate a Registered Migration Agents Conduct towards its clients, each other and the best interests of Australia. Our Ethical standards are laid out in our Industry’s Strict Code of Conduct ‘the Code’.

Our obligations to you are to comply with the code and invest time attention and resources to rigorously understand, review, operate by and constantly seek to improve our conduct and performance through the use of an Ethical Framework and the Ethics Toolkit provided by our Regulatory body, the Office of the Migration Agents Regulation Authority (OMARA).


At the centre of everything we do is our Ethics, Diligence and Honesty. Our long standing business relationships have been built on trust and expert advise.

You can be confident we will act in your lawful best interests at all times


At the centre of everything we do is our Ethics, Diligence and Honesty. Our long standing business relationships have been built on trust and expert advise.

You can be confident we will act in your lawful best interests at all times –

Friendly and Kind

We pride ourselves on being experts who are friendly and kind, you can approach us easily to get honest, clear and intelligent advice. We talk simply so you can understand and approach us at anytime. We believe every application is unique and we assess your situation and circumstances before providing you with any advice and direction according to the Australian Migration Law and Practice. 

We were once migrants to Australia ourselves and we know the anxiety and stress of applying for a valid visa to come to Australia.

Whether it is for 

  •  obtaining a high quality education, 
  • visiting or holidaying to enjoy the Australian lifestyle,   
  • applying to work,
  • migrating with your partner or family,
  • bringing your aged parents, relatives or 
  • doing a business or investment in Australia,

you can depend on us to work closely and effectively with you to increase your chance of obtaining an Australian Visa.





The right VISA for Australia is just the beginning of who we are !                             

You can ask us about how to study in Australia, Investing, starting, owning and buying a business in Australia, getting a job and employment in Australia.

Studying in Australia as an international student:

What visa do I need to study in Australia? How do I make an application to schools, colleges, TAFEs or universities in Australia? How to find a college in Australia? Which course can I study in Australia? How do I arrange for my accommodation in-campus or shared student accommodation?  What about home-stay, au pair or demi pair options for international students?  Can I work while studying in Australia? Where do I find casual or part time jobs? What is the most popular course to study in Australia? Which Australian city is best to study as an overseas student? Is there any permanent residency pathway if I study in Australia?

Starting Businesses and Making Investments in Australia  

Talk to us anytime with questions about business and investments as a migrant.

You might ask:

Which businesses are good for migrants in Australia? Which safe investments can allow me to get a visa for Australia? Who can start a business in Australia? How to buy an existing business in Australia? How to start a new business in Australia? How migrants can get accounting advice in Australia? Where migrants can get tax advice in Australia ? What is the best way to set up and structure a business in Australia? Which investment can give me a way to permanent residency in Australia? Can I retire and live in Australia? Can I move my family to Australia by starting a business or investing in Australia? How much money do I need to start a business and get a visa to live in Australia? How to transfer funds to start a business in Australia?

We are here to assist and provide you you with advice and possible solutions to all your business queries. Contact Us today for a free no obligation consultation and we can discuss about your eligibility, options available and see if we can help you obtain your Australian visa. 

Contact us for an informal and confidential FREE FIRST CONSULTATION


40 + years of Australian and International Industry Experience

Our team has a rich background in Business and Education. We understand the many questions you have about Visa’s for coming to Australia

Australian Government Registered Migration Agents

We are qualified and experienced in all aspects of Australian Migration and have the team of experts for your Australian Business and Labour Market advice

All Australian visa Subclasses handled

Our Strengths are for Students and Business

Responsible and friendly advice

We take our job very seriously and very methodical, but we are also friendly and insightful people for any questions you have.

Experts in Australian Business

Honest advice given clearly and confidentially –


Initial FREE consultation, understanding what you want to do and what your situation is currently, you will discover the various options that may be possible and the assistance so you can decide the best pathway.


We provide you with a summary of the information you would like to know and the information you must know. We explain your realistic chances and the likely outcomes, the time frames you can expect, the visa and application costs.

We provide you with a checklist of documents you are required to provide to the Immigration department. We are qualified to certify all copies of the documents required.
Increase your likelihood and chance of success – Why risk this life changing process by taking average advice?
We make sure you are following the right pathway and get the right information, compile the right documents, at the right time and in the right manner, to meet the exact criteria the Department of Immigration require inline with up to date and current Australian Government Immigration Policy.


Our Principal Consultants are highly qualified registered migration agents, registered student consultants and professionals from British and Australian Business and Law schools.Read More »


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We give you complete realistic advice that is open and honest about getting an Australia visa.

We are an approachable and friendly team who take care of clients from any country and background.

We understand how important a fast and effective solution is for Business, Study, Travel, Family and Working in Australia or for Permanent Residency and Migrating to live.Read More »


Ethics, Integrity and Trust are at the centre of everything we do.

Your Personal Business Consultant’s advice and insights come from first hand knowledge, commentary and wisdom from working hands on with the Industries of Australian Education, Australian Investments, Agriculture, Oil and Gas, Mining, Power, Water, Roads, Buildings, Civil, Marine, Agriculture and Property.

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