This is a visa which allows an elderly relative who is a dependent of an eligible Australian citizen permanent resident or an eligible New Zealand citizen to live permanently in Australia. There is high demand for family migration visas and only a limited number of places are available. Applications for this visa are subject to capping and queuing arrangements and in accordance with any relevant Ministerial Directions. This means your application is considered in two stages.


If you are in Australia during the application of this visa (onshore application), you could be eligible for a Bridging visa that allows you to stay in the country lawfully while your application is processed. If you are given a Bridging visa A, you can apply for a Bridging visa B to travel outside Australia while you wait for a decision.


Who is eligible for the Visa:

  • The applicant must be a dependent relative of an eligible sponsor in Australia.
  • Single (must not be married or in a de facto relationship)
  • Reached the age where you are eligible for an age pension in Australia. The pension age has been gradually increased from 65 (for men and women born before 1949) to 67 for those born after 1 July 1952.
  • Have a sponsor who will provide an Assurance of Support
  • Meet the health and character requirements

Your sponsor:

  • Must be a relative whom you are financially dependent on for basic needs (such as shelter, food and clothing) for at least the last 3 years before this visa application is made.
  • Can be the partner of the dependent relative and must be living together.
  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Lives in Australia as an Australian citizen, a settled permanent resident or an eligible New Zealand citizen.
  • Up to three sponsors can provide the Assurance of Support in your application
  • Provide a letter of undertaking to help provide accommodation and financial assistance for your relative and any accompanying family members for their first two years in Australia and to repay the Australian for any social security payments