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Everything you need towards getting the right job in Australia

Job & Career Mentorship Program

Customisable advice and training to approach getting a job as a project – “Your Project Australia”

Project objective is to “Get a Job in Australia”

Project delivery is most effectively done with a “Mentor”

We highly recommend finding yourself a local mentor who can give you advice and help you to navigate through and apply for work in your profession within the complex Australian Labour Market –  GET STARTED GET ASSIGNED A JOB MENTOR 

Having the right information about the job market is the most effective way to be offered the job you really want and to reduce your job-hunting time.

A mentor can also help you stay positive, motivated and handle the associated stress and frustration of finding a job in Australia. It can be harder than you imagined to find the first job and “see the wood from the trees”!

Our team will show you why if you have not found work or are seeking a job in your Profession you should not take it personally – Research has shown most often it can take 6-12 months for a newly skilled migrant to find a job. Migrants often approach us for help who have been unable to find work for a lot longer !

Without a mentor significant experience shows that around 50% of skilled migrants will accept positions that don’t make use of their highest qualifications.

To assist new migrants Goodman Migration offers the Mentorship program ‘One to One’ for new migrants. You will have unlimited access to an industry leading Recruitment Professional who has over 22 years experience searching, interviewing, hiring, placing, selecting, advertising.

Their experience alone will make you feel more confident, you may need just a little guidance or you may like to Engage on the whole program Enquire now for an informal and friendly chat.

Your mentor also has the valuable experience of working with small to medium size and Multinational Blue-Chip employers to hire their employees. Their wisdom experience and contacts can provide the local knowledge, tips, coaching, training, strategy, counselling, advice, and role play to Jump Start your career in Australia and be with you every step of the way to the right job.

They may also help you to connect into specific Professional Networks where people are often hired in Australia without the role being advertised. They may also proactively help you to create a role which did not exist or the company didn’t even have open until they saw your skills and you in full confident flow !

The majority of migrants find this inside knowledge, the biggest key to success in Australia. Mentorship provides you with a highly approachable and friendly, personal coach to guide you step by step and stop the stress and worry trying to get the right job here in the Australian labour market.

From identifying advertised job’s, analysing how your skills fit or meet selection criteria,  connecting into networks to isolate opportunities that are not advertised, deciding which jobs you skills can apply for and if to apply, crafting cover letters, and expanding relevant aspects of your CV or Resume for each job application, helping you to prepare and plan for a successful interview, salary and remuneration negotiations and employment contract analysis.

The Full Mentorship Program or Individual elements will help you to quickly find yourself on the road to finding an Australian job which will enable you to quickly settle into the Australian lifestyle you have decided to enjoy.

Finding the right help

The first place to start to gain guidance and help to reach into the formal and hidden/informal Australian Job Market is to talk to us today – call or email for a Free Initial Consultation here What have you got to lose !

The Number one tip for finding a job in Australia –  

Have an Australian CV and Resume written by an experts in Australian Recruitment for over 17 Years.

Australian employer’s expectations are high for how CV’s and Resumes are and are not written. Australian organisations have preferred CV and Resume styles for how the content, context and format are presented.

Employers will often immediately reject or be reluctant to consider an application based on the presentation, style and context.

Many migrants CV’s are simply not appropriate to how Australian organisations expect and are poorly written.

Australian CVs are different to virtually every other country and even from US and UK CVs. Australian employers want to see ‘very specific details in a very specific way’.  They do not so much focus on qualifications, position or status of company.

We strongly urge you to Invest in an Australian style CV/resume and cover letter. This is an essential outlay which will save you incredible amounts of time and save you money.

Goodman Migration Services offer a CV and Resume writing service which works closely with you to create both a comprehensive base CV which includes all your skills to work from for different job applications and a concise Resume to use in other situations. We will adapt and write the content, context and layout, for different applications, minimising and maximising areas relevant to each job you apply for.

Your CV is your database of experience and skills, we will design an effective CV and Resume based on over 20 years of experience writing, presenting, formatting, analysing, and measuring the effectiveness of different CV’s and Resume’s. We also have invaluable information and insights from sitting next to hiring managers from diverse companies when they review applicants CV’s and Resumes. This feedback gives us invaluable inside secrets to how your CV is read, or indeed not read !

We have written thousands of advertisements for hundreds of different Australian Employers.

We know what a good application is that gets looked at – And we also know a bad application when we see one !

You might want to know what jobs you can apply for and make sure you dont miss an amazing opportunity that you thought was beyond your reach – We can help and tell yu which jobs you can apply for and work with you to create cover letter’s or guidance through the application process.

Experience and insights to help you with every aspect of your application means you are not left thinking ‘Why did they not reply?”  or  “What did I do wrong?”


Job Offer’s, Salary negotiations, Employment Conditions, Laws, Regulations, Entitlements.

When offered a job negotiating the terms and conditions and the remuneration is an important consideration which is often overlooked in the excitement and relief of receiving an offer of employment.

When finding an Australian job it is essential to understand the relevant employment conditions, law and documentation so you know your rights and entitlements in in terms of what a employer’s offer.

Goodman Migration Services can provide new migrants advice and guidance during this time to ensure your new job is both financially rewarding and the conditions are fair and favourable to you, in line with the laws, industry and labour market.

More than 1 quarter of Australian employees work on a casual or contract  basis, these  workers can be especially vulnerable if they don’t know their rights. Goodman migration Services partner with a market leading Recruitment and HR Consultancy to provide Employment conditions guidance and advice to you.

Gain local experience through volunteering. A comparatively large proportion of Australians do volunteer work to contribute to the community, meet people, learn skills and improve their career opportunities. Volunteering may not be a normal part of your own culture, but it has more benefits than you probably realise. People from all walks of life in Australia including Top Executives consider it an essential part of their culture to volunteer. Many Australians volunteer as a natural part of building their career and to improve their chances of finding an Australian job.

Understanding and working with ‘Selection Criteria’s.

We will help you as part of a mentor program or as an individual service Item in analysing, understanding, meeting, written applications for and interviewing with, Selection Criteria’s from Australian organisations.

Selection criteria describe the attributes a person is required to have in order to do a job effectively, such as qualifications, knowledge, skills, abilities and experience.

These may or may not be advertised clearly or communicated objectively. They may be subjectively or objectively divided into:

  1. Essential criteria
  2. Desirable criteria.

Most skilled migrants and even native English speakers often find Australian Selection Criteria difficult to address correctly.

To have a chance of success we strongly recommend professional assistance to save you time, confusion and frustration. Goodman Migration Services Australian career training and advice ‘Job Mentorship Program’ is designed to work with you in answering selection criteria or you choose this subject individually as a service item we can provide for you.

Understanding Australian employers, style, behaviour’s and demeanour

Office attire, language and communications styles are very different between Australian industries and businesses operating in Australia. Body language and non verbals can make up over 60% of an interaction and often the perception of a candidate and employee.

Australian employers often seem casual and laid back, indeed Australia has a reputation for a laid back and relaxed way of doing things. However this is a trap which many migrants fall into to their detriment.

An interview may be requested in a manner that seems informal or casual E.g ‘lets have a coffee together’ or ‘can you come in for a chat’ – However this may actually mean quite a formal interview with more than one interviewer present ! A business meeting or a ‘catch up over coffee’ may actually be a critical part of a decision making process.

It is important in Australia to appreciate the formal legal employment contract and the implicit employment contract between employer and employee are both two way agreements –

It is important to understand and consider that Australian employees know and appreciate they have something to offer the organisation – and their attitude strongly reflects this –

Different countries culture and attitude to work particularly the employer – employee relationship’s for both the implicit and contractual agreements may negatively impact a migrant’s chance of success in the interview and on the job.

The belief and attitude of the employee in the ‘servant – Master ‘ relationship with the employee as a servant in some countries affects many migrants approach and style which is unfavourable for the Australian labour market.

Complex Australian employment rules, Workplace relations, Health and safety legislation, industry codes and Laws are often very different to a migrant’s home country systems and laws. Displaying understanding and ability to adapt is very important for you to know and then also how to demonstrate this understanding.

Human Resource and Recruitment Services for new Migrant Companies and Businesses in Australia

After you have hired the right people for your team it is important to have systems and processes that comply with all the laws, legislation, codes and regulations that apply in Australia.

Human Resources outsourcing or Human Resources Insourcing are the most cost effective  and effective way’s to ensure your business meets its obligations for all employment and workers Health and safety laws.

Good man Migration Services in partnership with RISE Personnel provide these services of Human Resources and Workers Health and Safety. We can work with you to advise you and customise the right solutions for you so you can concentrate all your energy and focus on the core aspects of your business success and objectives.

We help you learn and understand what you must do as a business owner.

Recruitment and HR services :-

  • Recruitment Services for professional workers in Engineering, Technical, Construction, Food industry and Hospitality, Operations, Maintenance, IT, Accounts, Legal and Human Resources.
  • Recruitment advice and solutions, for hiring professional permanent staff, professional casual/temporary staff and outsource pay-rolling of non permanent workers.
  • Identifying pools of skill in Oil and Gas, Mining, Rail, Water, Power, Marine, Civil, Buildings, Roads,
  • Australian labour market analysis, trends and data.
  • Hiring suitable manpower – Culture matching and skill levels.
  • Advertising for workers.
  • Employment agreements.
  • Total Human Resources outsource.
  • Health and Safety Inductions, workplace safety and auditing
  • Policy writing for Health and Safety, Equal opportunities, Security, Confidentially, Drugs and Alcohol etc

Services for new Migrant Businesses hiring Australian employees for their organisations in Australia – 

Market research and data, Salary information, Trends, Laws, Identifying workers, Advertising, Engaging with, Selection, Testing, Recruiting and Hiring (Temp and Perm) Australian workers.

Goodman Migration Services in partnership with RISE Personnel Pty Ltd can work with you and your business. Hiring the right people is the number 1 most important factor for business success in Australia.

We can guide you and your activities to hire the right skills and people cost effectively, and advise you on ways to legally employ Australian workers.

You will learn the secrets and inside feedback to the methods and strategies that are most effective for identifying, hiring, motivating, managing and retaining Australian workers.


We have been successful in helping Students in Australia to find many types of jobs that comply with their visa conditions to work 20 hours per week or 40 hours over each fortnight (14 Days).

Examples of work are Restaurant and Hospitality, Food and Kitchen, Office support, Fruit Picking, Labouring, Driving.

Some students also start their own businesses whilst working in Australia.