The Number 1 tip for finding a job in Australia –  

Have an Australian CV and Resume written by an expert in Australian Recruitment and Hiring.

Australian employer’s expectations are high for how CV’s and Resumes are and are not written. Australian organisations have preferred CV and Resume styles for how the content, context and format are presented.

Employers will often immediately reject or be reluctant to consider an application based on the presentation, style and context.

Many migrants CV’s are simply not appropriate to how Australian organisations expect and are poorly written.

Australian CVs are different to virtually every other country and even from US and UK CVs. Australian employers want to see ‘very specific details in a very specific way’.  They do not so much focus on qualifications, position or status of company.

We strongly urge you to Invest in an Australian style CV/resume and cover letter. This is an essential outlay which will save you incredible amounts of time and save you money.

Goodman Migration Services offer a CV and Resume writing service which works closely with you to create both a comprehensive base CV which includes all your skills to work from for different job applications and a concise Resume to use in other situations. We will adapt and write the content, context and layout, for different applications, minimising and maximising areas relevant to each job you apply for.

Your CV is your database of experience and skills, we will design an effective CV and Resume based on over 20 years of experience writing, presenting, formatting, analysing, and measuring the effectiveness of different CV’s and Resume’s. We also have invaluable information and insights from sitting next to hiring managers from diverse companies when they review applicants CV’s and Resumes. This feedback gives us invaluable inside secrets to how your CV is read, or indeed not read !

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