We highly recommend finding yourself a local mentor who can give you advice and help you to navigate through the complex Australian Labour Market –  We can offer this model through our Goodman Migration Job Mentorship programEnquire now.

Having the right information about the job market is the most effective way to be offered the job you really want and to reduce your job-hunting time.

A mentor can also help you stay positive, motivated and handle the associated stress and frustration of finding a job in Australia. It can be harder than you imagined to find the first job and ‘see the wood from the trees !’

Our team will show you why you should not take it personally – Research has shown most often it can take 6-12 months for a newly skilled migrant to find a job. Migrants often approach us for help who have been unable to find work for a lot longer !

Without a mentor significant experience shows that around 50% of skilled migrants will accept positions that don’t make use of their highest qualifications.

To assist new migrants Goodman Migration offers the Mentorship program ‘One to one’ for new migrants. You will have unlimited access to an industry leading Recruitment Professional who has over 22 years experience searching, interviewing, hiring, placing, selecting, advertising. Their experience alone will make you feel more confident, you may need just a little guidance or you may like to Engage on the whole program Enquire now for an informal and friendly chat.

Your mentor also has the valuable experience of working with small to medium size and Multinational Bluechip employers to hire their employee’s. Their wisdom experience and contacts can provide the local knowledge, tips, coaching, training, strategy, counselling, advice, and role play to Jump Start your career in Australia and be with you every step of the way to the right job.

Your mentor may also help you to connect into specific networks where people are often hired from without the role being advertised. They may also proactively help you to create a role the company didnt even know existed once they see your skills and you in full confident flow.

The majority of migrants find this inside knowledge, the biggest key to success in Australia. Mentorship provides you with a highly approachable and friendly, personal coach to guide you step by step into the Australian labour market.

From identifying advertised job’s, analysing how your skills fit or meet selection criteria,  connecting into networks to isolate opportunities that are not advertised, deciding which jobs you skills can apply for and if to apply, crafting cover letters, and expanding relevant aspects of your CV or Resume for each job application, helping you to prepare and plan for a successful interview, salary and remuneration negotiations and employment contract analysis.

The Full Mentorship Program or Individual elements will help you to quickly find yourself on the road to finding an Australian job which will enable you to quickly settle into the Australian lifestyle you have decided to enjoy.

Finding the right help

The first place to start to gain guidance and help to reach into the formal and hidden/informal Australian Job Market is to talk to us today – call or email for a Free Initial Consultation here What have you got to lose !