Goodman Migration can methodically work through with you the requirements for this visa and advise if you meet the basic criteria to apply for a Retirement visa to Australia.

We will need to ensure that the information you provide is as accurate as possible

You will be required to be  over 55 years of age and have no dependents other than a spouse.

All applicants must be self-supporting and be willing to demonstrate being willing able to make a significant long-term financial investment in Australia.

We can explain to you how the investment amount will be different depending on where you wish to settle and where reduced investment’s are available for regional area’s of Australia.

We will advise you how sponsorship from a participating State or Territory Government will be required to make the designated investment in that sponsoring State or Territory.

There are strict requirement that must be satisfied for health and character requirements and Goodman Migration will provide you with a checklist for the documents required.