Medical Treatment visa (subclass 602)

We will show you how you may be eligible to apply and be granted a visa  to undergo, or accompany someone who is undergoing, medical treatment or medical consultations in Australia.

We will show you how to demonstrate the medical consultation or medical treatment plan is in place in Australia and the criteria and requirements relating to the consult or treatment.

You may want to know if your  medical condition is one that may be deemed to  be a threat to public health and issues in meeting the criteria for therefore.

We explain how long to apply for the visa  for inline with  the treatment plan or consultations and how long you may be able to stay in Australia.

We explain how you may be eligible or your carer may be eligible for study and if there are restrictions or mandatory requirements.

We may assist you in demonstrating the criteria to be granted this visa is met by you and how to provide the evidence which will meet the requirements of the Department of Australian Immigration for Financial means, Medical, Health and Character.

We can advise if the current visa you hold is an exempt  visa for applying for the Medical Treatment Visa