Every student in Australia who is a Student Visa holder can work up to 40 hours every fortnight during their study term and unlimited hours during the study break. Should you wish to find a casual or part-time job in Australia while studying in Australia to gain extra pocket money or to gain some working experience in Australia, we may be able to help you find something you like. Our vacancies for international students include positions in industries:

  • retail business (eg. retail pharmacy, eateries, aged care)
  • restaurants (eg. kitchen helper, cleaning, cook)
  • cleaning services (eg. cleaners, general workers)
  • aged care (eg. general workers, carer)
  •  healthcare related businesses (eg nursing assistants, carer, cleaners)
  • administrative interns (eg. clerical, accounts, administrative)


Working while studying in Australia

For commercial cookery students, working in a restaurant especially in the kitchen will provide you with the working hours to fulfill the Provisional Skills Assessment (PSA) requirement in the skill assessment for a Graduate Visa upon completion of your studies. Jobs for students in Australia are available mostly in retail businesses (namely pharmacist, restaurants, telco services), hotels, cleaning services, aged care centers and many others.

We can assist you in your job hunting as a student if you need any help. Talk to us today and we are happy to assist you in your strive to look for a casual position to fill your time while studying in Australia.