An Australian student visa is for anyone studying a CRICOS registered course full-time (between 3 months to 5 years) in an Australian school, college, TAFE, ELICOS center or university. Our counselors are fully qualified with the Australian qualified education agent counselors certification to provide you with all the options of courses available to international students in Australia. We advise our students on the entry requirement of different courses in Australia and consider your academic background, your study interest and study pathway which are available to you as an overseas student. Contact us if you want the most up-to-date information about your study options and the requirements to apply for a student visa.

Criteria to be eligible:

  • Have a Confirmation of Enrolment (COE) from the institution (university, college or school) where you have chosen to pursue your study in Australia.  A COE is an official document from the institution which confirms that you have been accepted to study full-time in a Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS) for a certain duration in Australia.
  • Have a medical certificate from an approved medical practitioner.
  • May need to show evidence of financial capability and English competency.
  • Have an Overseas Student Health Coverage (OSHC) for the entire duration of your study.
  • Provide a Statement of Purpose which explains the reasons why you choose to study a particular course in Australia
  • If you are below 18, you will need parental permission, arrangement of accommodation, and general welfare to study in Australia. Find out more about Student Guardian Visa to have a parent or someone in Australia with you before you turn 18.

Talk to us today and we will guide you through the application and if we find you a study course in Australia, we will apply your Student Visa for FREE.

What can you do with the Visa:

  • You can work up to 40 hours per two weeks during your study period and unlimited hours during your study break
  • You must remain as a full-time student during the entire study period.
  • You must inform the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) should you change your address or of any change of circumstances.

To know more about your rights as a student in Australia, call us today.