Advice, guidance, support and management for your application and all of the information you require to assist with the visa application process such as:

  • Your realistic Eligibility for a visa.
  • What you must do and how you might be able to apply?
  • How ‘Bogus Documents’  and incorrect / false information provided to the Department has serious consequences?
  • What documents and evidence you need to provide and how to compile this information?
  • What the Australian legislation and laws actually say?
  • The Government Policy interpretation of certain meanings, types of evidence and submissions and the considerations given that may or must be given by case officers?
  • If you can include family in your application.
  • Character Requirements and police clearances from all countries in which you have lived for the past 10 years.
  • Health Requirements and if you need to have a health assessment, the providers and locations you must either be when lodging the application and when a visa is granted?
  • What you must do to comply with certain visa conditions that may be imposed on your visa?
  • What the visa entitles you do after it is granted?
  • If a visa requires cancelling.
  • And many more……………….

Australian Visa - as Easy as 1- 2- 3

Business & Investment Visas

Business Migrant Advisory team will assign you a personal case officer to provide you with the right advice and direction to apply for a Business & Investment visa.

Skilled & Work Visas

Help with the requirements for skilled migration, a less expensive and streamlined pathway to live and work in Australia and how and how you can meet the requirements.

Student Visas

Studying in Australia can be the first step into realising your dreams to work and live permanently in Australia. Our qualified registered education and migration consultants will guide you about your study and visa options in Australia.

Family Visas

Every family visa application be it for a child, a parent, a carer or a remaining relative, is uniquely different. The sponsorship of a family member to migrate is always done on very personal reason and we will assess your situation individually and closely with you.

Partner Visas

Love happens and if you want to sponsor your fiancee or your spouse, de facto partner into Australia, talk to us today. We will guide you on what are the evidence needed and how to collect them to support your Partner Visa application.

Other Visas

Whether its a holiday, visiting family, short trip, retirement, medical treatment, bridging visas we are here to help and guide you every step of the way to Australia the Land Down Under.