Are you a successful Business Owner or Investor in your country and looking to migrate to Australia for a better quality of life for you and your family? To buy property? So your children can study and experience the safe and clean way of living? Or to take advantage of the unique opportunities in Australia for many different businesses from property to retail or B2B?

If you are looking to establish or develop a Business in Australia to do all of this, buy property in Australia or invest in an Australian State or Territory, then you may be able to obtain a visa to live in and manage your Business or Investments in Australia on a Temporary or Permanent basis.

A valid business visa will allow you to invest in, develop and manage a new or existing business in Australia. Doing business in Australia boasts significant opportunities for those with the business acumen to take advantage of Australia’s strong economic footing.

Australia business visas are broken down into two predominant pathways – the Business Talent and Business Innovation and Investment options.

Goodman Migration experts are very accomplished in Australian business and business ownerships themselves. They have experience with International Business so they can understand what you want to accomplish and will work with you one to one, so you start the right way and progress strategically to get the outcomes you want to deliver.

Australian Business Visa Subclasses – Overview

Subclass 132 – Business Talent Visa (Significant Business History Stream)  

For highly skilled and experienced business people owning and managing businesses with significant track record of business history may be eligible to apply to migrate to Australia under this visa category. The Business Talent Visa Subclass 132 visa requires you to have previously owned and managed a larger business than the (subclass 188) provisional visa.

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Subclass 132 – Business Talent Visa (Venture Capital Entrepreneur Stream)  

This visa may be granted for people who can secure at least $AUD1,000,000 in Venture Capital  (VP) funding to start a new business in Australia. You may progress straight to permanent residency and not need to go through the provisional visa process described above.

Please note that SkillSelect is mandatory for Business Innovation and Investment visa (subclass 188) and Business Talent visa (subclass 132)

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Subclass 188 & 888 – Business Innovation Stream  

These visas create an Australian migration pathway if you are able to demonstrate you have a history of successful business ownership & business management and wish to own and manage an Australian business, through forming a new company or buying an existing company. The Subclass 188 (Provisional) Temporary visa is applied for first and upon continuing to meet the required criteria the Subclass 888 (Permanent) visa may be applied for which when granted provides Permanent Residency to live in Australia indefinitely.

More information on :  The (Provisional) Business Innovation Subclass 188 Visa

More Information on :  The (Permanent) Business Innovation Subclass 888 Visa

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Subclass 188 & 888 – Entrepreneur Stream  

These visas are for people who are able to secure at least $AUD200,000 in Venture Capital (VP) funding to start a new business in Australia. To meet the requirements to gain permanent residency, the visa candidate’s business ventures must be deemed to be successful overall after four years.

The Entrepreneur stream of the Business Innovation and Investment visa (subclass 188) is a  visa which you may be able to quickly realise your dreams. After satisfactory evidence of a successful record of entrepreneurial activity in Australia, you might want to apply for the Permanent Business Innovation and Investment visa (subclass 888)

More information on :  The (Provisional) Entrepreneur Stream  Subclass 188 Visa

More Information on :  The (Permanent) Entrepreneur Stream Subclass 888 Visa

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Subclass 188 & 888 – Investor Streams  

These visas are for people who can meet the requirements to show they have a history of  successful investment activity and wish to invest in a particular state or territory of Australia. The minimum amount of the investment is $AUD1.5 million however we can show you how there are several streams for varying levels of investment.

More information on :  The (Provisional) Business Innovation Subclass 188 Visa

More Information on :  The (Permanent) Business Innovation Subclass 888 Visa

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We will explain and show you how you may be able to demonstrate your innovative business skills to gain a Permanent Visa and the Permanent Visa pathways  that are available.

BUSINESS MIGRATION – Laws, Legislation and Australian Government Policy

The Relevant Laws and requirements for the Australian Business Class of Visas are contained in The Migration Act 1958 (Cth)The Migration Regulations 1994 (Cth)The Procedures Advice Manual (Government Policy Interpretation’s).

The Laws and Requirements are dynamic and ever changing, our team are all Australian Registered Australian Migration Agents who will help you to move cautiously with foresight, avoiding risk and saving money through the process to achieve your objectives.

Our Business Team ensures you have all of the information you need, the way you want it, and meticulously explain the implications so you understand and make informed decisions.

From selecting the most appropriate Subclass of Visa as a goal to work towards, strategising a pathway, compiling the required formal Expression of Interest (EOI) to preparing your case and presenting the lodgment of the strongest possible application – We are with you, giving you copies of everything, always contactable and understanding the importance to you and your family.

Everything we do is based on Ethics and Integrity, this is why you can make a safe and confident decision without worry or stress.

With Goodman Migration we assign you a personal business team migration expert, they are assigned to be your own daily contact and migration support person, they will strategise your case, ensure you have access to the right Australian experts and make the best application possible. 

Two Stream’s of Business visa –

1. Business Owner’s and Talented Business Professional’s

Australia’s successful business migration program is designed to allow people with a history of successful business ownership to migrate to Australia on the basis of their business history.

2. Successful Investor’s –

The Australian investor stream’s of the business migration program provide astute investors to take advantage of their investment skills to gain permanent residence in Australia.



Your probability of success is enhanced by working with Goodman Migration business support team because the process is managed with you, we personally mentor and involve you through all of the steps required to be taken.

You will be shown how to obtain and demonstrate the required evidence we will need to compile to satisfy the relevant legislation and its interpretation by the Australian Government’s Immigration Policy.

We explain and teach you how a Business visa may allow you to develop and manage a new or existing business in Australia. We will clearly show you all of the various visa options you may have, what they can give you and how to be successful with your visa application.


Your Goodman Migration personal business contact will be assigned to guide you through the processes and show you what you need to know and do for a Business visa so you can safely start a new business in Australia, buy and develop a business already operating in Australia or invest into government designated complying investment opportunities.

You will be helped with the research to review and assess the opportunities and have every aspect explained to you clearly by your personal business team contact who can guide you from Inception to Completion and importantly ongoing compliance and support with your business and visa after migrating.

We help Migrants to build businesses and open up opportunities for migrants, guiding you to all the information necessary for you to make your own business and investment decisions.


 5 Star Business Gold Standard Service

We Invite you to talk with Goodman Migration Services and experience the personalised and one to one service providing the most comprehensive business migration experience and 100% confidential advice to you, when you want a visa through business or investment activities.

Our business advisory teams experience, knowledge, wisdom is provided under our Personal Gold Class Standard Service which ensures you have the highest level of security and confidence.

You will be immediately assigned your Business Migration Expert who will be your Personal guide and make sure you have access to relevant experts for Business Formation, Accounting, Tax, Compliance, Banking, Business purchase, Sales, Brokering, Real Estate Sales and Property Development.

We are highly experienced international business people and are straight and candid with our advice, our specialist experts have excelled in the areas of:

Business start ups, Operations & Sales, Australian Investments, and the sectors of Australian Property and Land, Medical Services, Australian Farming & Agriculture, Food and Restaurants, Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, Mining and Minerals, Power, Water, Technology. 

We will be with you every step of the way to make sure your future investment in Australia and  business ownership achieves both your migration objectives and complies with all Australian government requirements.

We give you our insights and inside business knowledge, with news, commentary and wisdom for you to make the right choices. Every detail is managed with a system to meticulously work from start to finish and the best possible way to approach achieving the goal of gaining the ability to do what you want to do, in Australia.

The Goodman Business Migration Team have built over 40 years of trust and relationships within Australian Businesses from large Global Oil and Gas, Mining, Construction, Engineering, Buildings and Property Organisations to small & medium size Private Enterprises.

Our advice covers everything from A-Z as a Business Migrant wishing to buy, start or invest in businesses or Property in Australia or as a future Migrant interested in considering this visa pathway and understanding what it can offer.

The 3 Steps which may allow you to live, make investments and take business ownership status in Australia.

To compile the correct information, plan and strategise and then operate to achieve the objective of applying for the appropriate visa – You need a very experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated team with the VIP Personal level of service to “get it right first time”.

  1. Enquire to Goodman Migration

We will work with you to identify how your circumstances may provide for the required invitation from a state or territory, compile and lodge your application and show you how after successful grant of the visa we can guide you for compliance with the requirements and conditions of the visa in your continued investment activity.

  1. We assess then guide you through the whole process start to finish mentoring you as a trusted partner for your success.

We help you to provide and compile accredited documents that comply with the reporting format required for compliance to support your application and how timing might make the difference between success and failure.

We show you how and when to get the right information in the right format with the level of detailed information required.

We get you the best chance of being allowed to proceed with your application and fulfill your ambitions in Australia.

  1. Get decision avoiding pitfalls. We allow you to keep on track on everything during the process and give you visa processing times, guide you in detail and keep reminding you of timing for certain part of the process

Business visas are a complicated process. We help you avoid lengthy delays and going off track – from delays such as obtaining financial and capital evidence, accounting reports, character or health checks (including x-rays).

We show you how to avoid being asked to provide more information with a complete, fit for purpose application that meets the government legislative and Policy guidelines.

Policy, Conduct, Process, Content, Strategy and Context.

Our strength is in Australian Business. We have experienced first hand how Australia has some of the most lucrative and profitable opportunities for people with the business experience and acumen to take advantage of Australia’s strong economic foundations, growing population, natural resources and regional location in the World.

We have worked with clients from all over the world and understand the different ways of doing business. It means we can advise you in a way you understand and mentor you to grow to appreciate and support the Australian Government Policy objectives.

It is important for Australia that you appreciate the values Australia has and align to these in conducting you investments or business activities within the context of conduct, policies, processes and strategies.


How To Achieve Being Nominated and Invited by Australia to apply:

** IMPORTANT All business visas require nomination from the state or territory to which the applicant wants to migrate.

Our business team and your personal business contact will explain and guide you to provide the right information and submission to maximise the possibility for you to be invited

We manage the process of submitting and Expression of Interest (EOI) to be invited to apply for a visa. We work through all of the requirements for an eligible EOI and take into account government policy at the time to ensure you have the highest possible chance of success when you apply.
It is essential that an Australian State Or Territory Invite You To Apply :

You must be successful in obtaining this  nomination by one of the Australian state or territory government and Goodman Migration Services will provide close one to one personal confidential advice and show you how this may be achieved.

Achieving Your Mandatory Nomination:

We show you the content process and context of how to write the application and submission with appropriate evidence to the Department of Immigration that meets the Laws and Legislation as well as the Australian Government’s Policy objective interpretation of all the evidence you will need and we will help you to compile and submit for you.

1. Business Talent 

2. Business Innovation and Investment options.

Goodman Migration Services have experience inside Australian business and global business knowledge. Our business experts  provide you with a personalised and totally confidential, one to one service guaranteeing you are mentored and guided by one of our own top business owners to success.