417 – WORKING HOLIDAY (Temporary)

The dream of many, a must tick box for a few and the adventure of a lifetime for others. This visa may provide you with a life changing experience of visiting, travelling, backpacking and  for people who meet certain age and background requirements, being able to subsodise your visit by working in Australia.

Meeting new people and creating memories that will last forever once you get home, are just some of the rewarding experiences you may enjoy.

We can explain if you are of a country that may apply and help you demonstrate the requirements for the Subclass 417 visa which is valid for 12 months.

You may ask Goodman Migration how can extend my working holiday visa?

We can show you the way that might make it possible to enable you to apply for a second working holiday visa.

We show you how to demonstrate you have met the conditions so you have the best chance to  be eligible for the second 12 month Working Holiday visa and continue to enjoy the experience and time in Australia that you have chosen.

We show you how you can leave and re-enter Australia and how you may be allowed to work for short periods of time without breaching your visa conditions where you wish to supplement your funds as you travel through Australia.

We explain how long you may work with any one employer and how you can study certain courses in Australia for specific periods.